The Soundtrack of Urban Renaissance

Milan is a city that breathes culture and art in every corner, and from May 17 to 19, 2024, its streets, squares, and unconventional spaces will become the vibrant stage for one of the most anticipated events of the year: Piano City Milano. A festival unique in its kind, Piano City Milano is an initiative that started in 2011 and has since grown and evolved, reflecting and accompanying the metamorphosis and rebirth of Milan. Piano City Milano continues to make its mark on the Milanese and international cultural scene, proving that music is truly a universal language that connects people and revitalizes urban spaces.

This wide-ranging festival – the first of its kind in Milan – has overturned the dynamics of musical enjoyment, bringing music directly to the public. No longer waiting for spectators to reach concert halls, but offering performances where people live, work, and relax. Piano City Milano has thus transformed the city into a grand open-air stage, celebrating inclusion and the democratization of cultural offerings.

A Project of the City and for the City

Piano City Milano is more than just a festival: it is a project that deeply involves the urban community. Since its inception, it has worked closely with institutions, artists, associations, networks, and partners to create an event that is both of the city and with the city. This innovative working method is the key to the success and growth of Piano City Milano.

The Voices of the Festival

Giuseppe Sala, the Mayor of Milan, described it as a way to “reaffirm what Milan is and wants to be”. The festival is also recognized internationally, with artists like Cuban jazz composer and pianist Omar Sosa defining it as “a crazy but authentic idea”. And it’s not just public figures speaking out: an enthusiastic spectator expressed her anticipation for the event, comparing the arrival of May to that of Christmas.

An Evolving Festival

Piano City Milano has never stopped, despite the challenges. Past editions have seen program updates, changes of location, and replacements of artists, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of the organization. In 2023, for example, there were changes in pianists and concert cancellations, but the festival continued to offer quality music through new artists and spaces.

Piano City Milano is not just a musical event; it is the testimony of a city that lives through the notes of a piano, that regenerates and expresses itself in music. It is an unmissable appointment for all those who wish to experience music in a new way and for those who want to see a different, vibrant, and full of life Milan. From May 17 to 19, 2024, let yourself be carried away by the soundtrack of the city. Piano City Milano awaits you to write together the next page of its history.