Milan is preparing to host the 23rd edition of Milano Pride, which will start on June 29, 2024. The event celebrates the pride and rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Under the guidance of CIG Arcigay Milano and its president Alice Redaelli, the event has seen impressive growth in recent years, transforming from a single parade into a full month of initiatives involving the entire city.

Pride Month, 150 events throughout the city

Pride Month in June 2024 will bring around 150 events to Milan organized by associations and entities, from the center to the outskirts. The events will range from political debates to concerts, including cinema and theater, with the aim of promoting the values of participation, inclusivity, and intersectionality. Last year, Milano Pride attracted over 300,000 participants, and this year it promises to be even bigger.

Pride Sport Month: LGBTIQ+ sports take center stage

Among the novelties of 2024 is the Pride Sport Month, which will give visibility to LGBTIQ+ sports teams and their allies nationwide. It starts on June 8 with the Pride Sport Night at Teatro Elfo Puccini, then moves to the Pride Sport Arena at Arco della Pace on June 22-23, where there will be tournaments, cultural activities, music, and DJ sets.

Pride Square, three days of events in Porta Venezia

Pride Square is unmissable, and from June 26 to 28 it will enliven the Porta Venezia district. Piazza Santa Francesca Romana and Piazzale Lavater will host conferences, debates on civil rights and politics, artistic and cultural exhibitions, as well as spaces dedicated to families and children. In Largo Bellintani, there will be an important health and prevention hub created with Milano Check Point. This year, Piazzale Lavater will start its activities as early as Wednesday, June 26, anticipating the start of celebrations.

The Parade on June 29: the highlight

Naturally, the most anticipated moment will be the Parade on June 29, which will start from Via Vittor Pisani and end at Arco della Pace. Here, the main stage will host the voices of associations and the demands of the LGBTQIA+ community, before a big after-party in the square.

“Sempre Liber3” intergenerational queer art

The “tail” of Pride will be on June 30 at Teatro Elfo Puccini with “Sempre Liber3”, an evening of intergenerational queer art that will explore new forms of expression between theater, dance, and comedy, to promote dialogue between generations.
As Alice Redaelli points out, Milano Pride is not just a party but a fundamental moment of visibility and struggle for rights. The city is increasingly open and standing alongside the LGBTQIA+ community, with a commitment that goes far beyond the month of June. This year’s Milano Pride promises to be an unmissable event in the name of pride, inclusivity, and the fight for rights.