2024 will be a memorable year for art enthusiasts, thanks to the unmissable exhibitions scheduled at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. It starts with a major retrospective of Giorgio Morandi, featuring 120 works spanning all phases of his career, from the youthful still lifes to the more metaphysical atmospheres of his maturity.

Then, until February 11th, an exceptional exhibition of El Greco, which will allow visitors to admire some of his undisputed masterpieces such as St. Martin and the Beggar, Laocoön, and the two Annunciations, on loan from leading Italian and Spanish museums. A comprehensive journey through his art between Italian and Spanish influences.

After that, an in-depth look at Goya’s entire artistic trajectory, from the Spanish courts to the darker, more introspective dimension of his later years. The exhibition will also include his famous “Black Paintings” for an immersive experience of his most visionary universe.

Following is a tribute to Giuseppe De Nittis, excellent portraitist of late 19th century Paris, who competed with the great French Impressionists. The exhibition will showcase over 90 works from the museums of Milan, Barletta and Paris.

The grand finale from September 20, 2024 is a major exhibition on Picasso, organized jointly with the Paris Museum, exploring the influence of foreign cultures, especially African, on the revolutionary genius of the Spanish artist.

An unmissable journey through art history.