Apartments for Rent in Milan, Duomo Area

Staying in the pulsating heart of Milan means fully immersing yourself in the vibrant and cosmopolitan life of the city. With Heart Milan Apartments, you can live this experience by choosing one of our exclusive Duomo District rental apartments, located in one of the most prestigious and renowned neighborhoods of Milan. Located just steps from the Milan Cathedral, our apartments provide immediate access to the city’s main tourist, cultural, and commercial attractions. Stroll through the historic streets of the center, discover high-fashion boutiques, savor Italian cuisine in the finest restaurants or explore museums and art galleries that make Milan one of the cultural capitals of Europe.
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Galleria del Corso 4 Studio Apartment
Francesco Sforza 6 Apartment – B
Francesco Sforza 5 Apartment – A
Santo Stefano 5 Apartment
Duomo Terrace Apartment
Galleria Luxury Apartment 5
Brera La Scala 12 Apartment
Bergamini Apartment
Santo Stefano 6 Apartment
Santo Stefano Suite
Santo Stefano Penthouse Apartment
Gallery 7 Apartment