Carnival is one of the most beloved and colorful festivals of the year. In Milan, as in the rest of Italy, this period is full of events, shows, and initiatives for both adults and children. Let’s look at the main happenings not to be missed for Carnival 2024 in the Lombard capital.

The dates are from February 14th to 17th, 2024, following the Ambrosian rite. It kicks off with the “Mercato dei Saltimbanchi”, which from February 10th to 17th brings artists, jugglers, and street performers to various city squares. The Atelier Teatro association then organizes several free theater performances on stages set up in public spaces, bringing to life stories and characters from the Commedia dell’Arte.

One of the central events is the Milano Clown Festival, an international circus and street theater festival, with over 120 performances in various spots around the city. Among the most beloved attractions, the traditional Luna Park in Parco Sempione also returns, with rides and food stands.

For little ones, many museums and cultural institutes organize Carnival-themed tours and workshops, like a costume treasure hunt at the Sforza Castle. Lastly, as Milanese tradition dictates, Carnival concludes on “Fat Saturday”, February 17th, with the costume party in Piazza Mercanti.

Carnival 2024 in Milan promises to be full of surprises. Aside from the events, it’s a chance to savor typical delicacies of this period, like the fragrant chiacchiere and sweet tortelli. And why not, dress up and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Ambrosian Carnival.