Here is our exclusive selection of luxury apartments for rent in the most central and prestigious neighborhoods of Milan. Whether you want to stay close to the Duomo, Brera’s boutiques, Quadrilatero della Moda’s fashion houses, or Navigli’s charm, we have the perfect accommodation for you.

Our portfolio includes stylish and spacious apartments located inside beautiful historic buildings in Milan’s historic center. Enjoy parquet floors, high ceilings, designer furnishings, and modern amenities while surrounded by the city’s iconic landmarks.

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San Sepolcro Apartment 4D
Santa Maria Valle 1 Apartment
Paolo da Cannobio 12 Apartment
Galleria del Corso 4 Studio Apartment
Francesco Sforza 6 Apartment – B
Francesco Sforza 5 Apartment – A
Santa Sofia 27 Apartment
Galleria Unione 4 Apartment
Meravigli Apartment
Castello Duomo Apartment
Mazzini 20C Duomo Apartment
Santo Stefano 5 Apartment
Duomo Terrace Apartment
Corso Como Apartment
Galleria Luxury Apartment 5
Porta Romana Apartment 101D
Porta Romana Apartment 101C
Porta Romana Apartment 101B
Porta Romana Apartment 101A
Brera La Scala 12 Apartment
Brera La Scala 9 Apartment
San Nazaro Apartment
Maria Teresa Apartment
San Sepolcro Apartment 4C
San Sepolcro Apartment 4B
San Sepolcro Apartment 4A
Bergamini Apartment
Beltrade Apartment
Arcimboldi Apartment
Santo Stefano 6 Apartment
Santo Stefano Suite
Santo Stefano Penthouse Apartment
Gallery 7 Apartment
Banfi Duomo Penthouse Terrace
Turati Apartment in Fashion District
De Amicis Studio Apartment
Duomo Disciplini Apartment
Sforza Duomo Luxury Apartment
San Sepolcro Luxury Apartment
San Sepolcro Super Deluxe Apartment (1st Floor)
San Sepolcro Apartment Duomo View (1th Floor)
Terraggio Studio
Duomo San Barnaba Studio
Mazzini Duomo Apartment
Duomo Missori Penthouse
Duomo Colonne Apartment
Terraggio Apartment
San Sepolcro Apartment (5th Floor)
San Sepolcro Apartment Duomo View (7th Floor)
San Sepolcro Apartment (3rd Floor)
Navigli Apartment
Appartamento Duomo Terrace
Castello Quintino Apartment