Il Piccolo Teatro Grassi

The first permanent public theatre in Italy, the Piccolo Teatro di Milano was founded on 14 May 1947 by Giorgio Strehler, Paolo Grassi and Nina Vinchi, concived as a public service in favor of the citizen. In settantacinque anni di attività, il Piccolo ha prodotto più di 400 spettacoli, la metà dei quali diretta da Giorgio Strehler, mettendo in scena all the great classics. Although it offers only 500 seats, and a little stage, the Piccolo Teatro is a theatre of art for anyone, and it proposes a diverse and international repertory. Today it is defined as the “Theater of Europe”, and as such the handover in 1998 to Sergio Escobar and Luca Ronconi it accentuated its international dimension, and since December 2020, the Director of Piccolo is Claudio Longhi. The main themes are the support for contemporary dramaturgy and young artists, the promotion of internationalisation, opening up to new audiences and an in-depth examination of the relationship between live performance and modern digital technologies.

Teatro Manzoni

Its long tradition of featuring spectacles, writers and directors, began in 1850, when seven noblemen decided to found this theatre to reinstate the importance of prose. Nowadays it also offers Sunday–morning jazz concerts. The spacious atrium, the elegant foyer and the 838-seat theatre hall are embellished with frescoes by Achille Funi and sculptures by Leone Lodi. Before the show and in the interval in the Manzoni Café we can find attention to quality, freshness of ingredients and flavours to enrich the experience of an evening at the theatre.

Teatro Dal Verme

Named after the Milanese Dal Verme family, it was commissioned to the architect Giuseppe Pestagalli design and construction, it has a capacity of 3000 seats. It opened in 1872 completely full of 19th century architectural characteristics. Partially destroyed during World War II and restored three years later, in 1946, it was used as a cinema for a long time and later as a venue to host music events and concerts. In 1981, the City of Milan took ownership of it, and it was only in the late 1990s that a renovation was started to use it as a concert hall, it was inaugurated in 2001. Today it offers a wide range of classical, symphonic, rock and jazz music.

Teatro Nuovo

Founded in 1938 and designed by the architect Lancia and was run by Luigi Pirandello’s, friend Remigio Paone until 1977. This theatre has always tried to showcase the most innovative shows of the times and many important authors have represented their works in the Teatro Nuovo. In 1977, Remigio Paone died, leaving behind a great void, so Franco Ghizzo, a Milanese entrepreneur with a great passion for the stage took over Paone’s management. The mission of this theater has always been and remains one: bringing the public back to the theatre winning back the favor of new followers of this old and glorious art with a constant revisitation, making new something that hasn’t been for a long time.